Envisioned by Sagar Chakraborty, and fuelled by his hunger to always push his boundaries by creating something new, next up for Cumin Hospitality Services is Craftbar.

The true meaning of the word ‘Craft’ itself is to make, and not manufacture, an object with special skill and careful attention to detail.

The new age gastro bar is a perfect blend of passionately crafted cocktails and fantastic world fusion foods, along with some adventurous Indian street food, all authentically twisted by yours truly.

With the rustic design and contemporary ambience, combined with Sagar’s natural sense of hospitality, Craftbar promises you an actuality that you have yet to experience.

Craftsmen Sagar and his Craftsmen

Sagar Chakraborty

Sagar Chakraborty Founder & CEO

Originating from North Bengal, Sagar believes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. With hospitality at his heart, he completed his hotel management course in Kolkata with much ease and learnt the tricks of the trade by starting out his career at various prestigious restaurants namely Copper Chimney, Indigo, China Garden, Olive and Restaurant 5. Working closely with some of the city’s best restaurateurs, his desire and drive devoured everything from business ethics to the operational requirements of running a restaurant and before you know it, Sagar founded Cumin Hospitality Services, an Institutional Catering Service. Today, they proudly dish out 4000 meals a day in Mumbai and 2000 meals in Pune. Craftbar is Cumin’s very own restaurant. Quiz him around it and he’ll passionately tell you it is the epitome of culinary creativity. It is the amalgamation of flavors never tasted before and beverages never imagined. For him, Craftbar is most definitely unique. Craftbar is creative. Craftbar, is indeed, authentically twisted.

Pooja Kochrekar Operational Head

Professionally, Pooja believes it’s important to sharpen your skills and not your resume. With exactly this in mind she joined Cumin Hospitality Services 8 years ago and owing to her sheer determination, slowly cemented her position by deep diving into the business and learning every inch of it. Today, Pooja is the Operational Head at Craftbar and what she’s realized is that if you intensively follow your own passions and stay true to yourself, there’s nothing that you cannot achieve.

Amruta Kasar Executive Chef

Having been a professional chef for over 7 years of her life, Amruta has prepared a variety of dishes. Her decision of leaving Indigo Delicatessen at a promising position was brave, much like her character, but she was looking for a new challenge. Little did she know that the new challenge would be more of an adventure! Now the Executive Chef at Craftbar, Amruta is the queen of the kitchen. Craftbar is all about world and regional fusion foods, so the opportunity to showcase different types of cuisines on the same table was an offer that she couldn’t refuse.

Vijay Chalwade Mixologist

Starting out at Indigo Delicatessen as a trainee Bartender, Vijay continued to work there for 3 years, by the end of which he became a professional Mixologist. Soon as he heard about the vacant creative opportunity at Craftbar, smiling from ear to ear, he welcomed it with arms wide open. Vijay loves his new role as it pushes his creativity, something he seemingly has in abundance, to the limits. By himself, he relentlessly pursued that perfect concoction for each preparation and didn’t stop till he achieved it.


Summer Grill

Menu Philosophy

Somewhere down the line, we came to realize that the best moments of creativity come when we are uncomfortable and uncertain. This helped push ourselves out of our comfort zone and resulted in a multi-sensory menu that combines fine dining with experimental moments, the variety of which is exhaustive and satiating for mind and body.

The menu covers esteemed foods from the world over which vary in temperature, texture and, of course, taste. Conversely, the ‘Roadies’ section reflects our chefs more local influences, based on their travels around our motherland, hand picking only the best and most intriguing dishes.

All of this combined with the ‘fusion food’ element makes for one tantalizing menu and the only way to get a thorough idea of our culinary creativity is by actually trying it.

Food Menu
Summer Grill

Bar Craft

Cocktails are to alcohol as wit is to wisdom.

This being the motto, our Mixologist has been experimenting with cocktail flavours since a while now. Being the perfectionist that he is (at the cost of being his own guinea pig), the taste of things was always in his head, until he passionately chased them down and didn’t stop until he could physically pour them into a glass.

Using herbs and spices that are grown in our own backyard, the immersive concoction of cocktails have indeed been crafted to perfection. Ranging from Vodka golas to fresh fruit platters infused with alcohol, the bar is set to surprise even the most avid night owl.

Bar Menu




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